Lights, climate, audio: How to optimize your traveling environment

How to optimize your traveling environment

The environment around you can make or break your travel experience. When it comes to customizing your Mercedes Benz luxury coach, Bespoke Coach is focused on meeting each and every one of your specific wants and needs – from climate control to color combination.

Building the best

Each and every custom Sprinter van from Bespoke Coach is a unique reflection of the buyer’s vision. To make sure we get everything right, we offer a one-on-one meeting and consultation to help you narrow down the design elements, amenities, materials, and technological features that will work best for you. After we establish a solid understanding of what you’re looking for, we head into the production process with these precise requirements in mind, thereby ensuring your Mercedes luxury coach fits perfectly with your preferences.

Shedding some light

Lighting is a key component of your travel experience. Too bright, and you’re wishing you brought your sunglasses along. Too dim, and you find yourself squinting to read the book or business documents in front of you. If the former is the problem – or you’re just looking for some privacy on your trip – why not take advantage of the eight motorized shades offered as an optional passenger-area amenity? To shed some light on the latter issue, simply flip on one of the six individual LED reading lights. Additionally, adjusting the settings on the LED lighting color picker is a quick and easy way to alter the ambience of the environment, allowing you to set a mood that’s calm and tranquil or lively and fun.

Not too hot, not too cold

Everyone has a different preferred temperature, but your custom Mercedes Sprinter van will accommodate you whether you run hot or cold. The custom software present in all of our coach systems features the ability to set your desired temperature and A/C fan level, ensuring you’ll never feel the need to grab a sweater or crack open a window again.

Alive with the sound of music

It goes without saying that each individual’s musical tastes are as unique as the person themselves. Whatever your preferred soundtrack, you can rest assured that it will sound fantastic thanks to your custom Mercedes Sprinter’s premium 900-Watt Focal® sound system, which features eight speakers and a subwoofer. If you’re looking to pump up the volume even further, upgrade to our Focal® Audiophile sound system and enjoy an impressive 1,800 Watts’ worth of power in the form of eight speakers, two subwoofers, and two amplifiers. What’s more, Bespoke’s interior wall noise reduction insulation package from Dynamat® will help ensure exterior road noise doesn’t compromise your listening experience.

Lights, climate, and audio compose an integral part of your travel experience. Call Bespoke Coach at 1-800-470-8888 or email us at to make sure your next custom Sprinter van gets these three crucial elements just right.