Sprinter Van Conversions

It’s time to take mobility to the next level. Bespoke Coachworks delivers a high degree of customization and allows you to transform travel time into something more productive, offering maximum utility, spacious and luxurious interiors without compromising your comfort. With an array of wood and carpet flooring designs to choose from, wide range of the finest Italian leather and many fabric choices for your motorized shades, among others, Bespoke Coachworks Sprinter van conversions are a statement in itself. Sometimes, your transport needs just can’t be met by factory and standard offerings. The Sprinter van conversions, custom built by Bespoke Coachworks is fully-equipped with sophisticated mobile office amenities, which includes high speed wireless Internet access, entertainment capabilities all controlled by our proprietary integrated iPads. Get the latest news and market updates, manage correspondence, conduct conference calls, Bespoke Coachworks full mobile office suite redefines productivity and efficiency all in the comforts of your spacious “boardroom” If that is not enough, the Sprinter van is equipped with our proprietary captain chairs that offer 6-way motorization that fully reclines. Custom seating with seat massagers will insure you and your passengers will arrive at your destination safe and relaxed. Bespoke Coachworks will help you create an ideal working and traveling environment while providing first-class comfort. Our idea of personalization and customization is limitless. Your creativity combined with our expertise will create a complete package tailored to your exact needs.. truly unique, truly one-of-a kind.