Kick off your new year with Bespoke Coach

Traditionally, January is the month of trying – and often struggling – to follow through on New Year’s resolutions, but by the end of January many of these resolutions fall by the wayside. If yours are among them, it’s not too late to make a resolution you can expect to not only stick with, but actually enjoy keeping. The premise is simple: Travel in style, comfort, and safety all year long.

Once you’ve committed to your new New Year’s resolution, the next step involves figuring out how to make it into reality. With so many different vehicles available to buy or rent, your options can quickly become overwhelming – and that’s where Bespoke Coach comes in. Throughout the process of building your custom Mercedes Sprinter van, we keep our core values of comfort, quality of design, and attention to detail top of mind, setting ourselves apart from the rest. The finished product will be a unique luxury van built to your individual specifications, whether you intend to use the van for business, entertaining, relaxing, or a combination of the three.

For business
Why not use our custom Sprinter van to merge business trips with client meetings? While on the road in a Bespoke Coach, you’ll have access to all the resources you would use back at the office – plus a few perks such as motorized laptop tables and premium-brand leather seats inspired by those in the world’s finest private aircrafts. Your fellow passengers are sure to step out of the motorized sliding door with a good impression, and that’s exactly what you need to get a business deal off on the right foot.

For pleasure

The concept of a boring ride with friends and family quickly becomes obsolete once a Mercedes Sprinter coach is in the mix. The coach features a built-in bar and Nespresso machine, and its Apple TV, DirecTV, Blu-ray, and satellite radio capabilities are accessible through the eight-speaker Focal® Rear Sound System and two Samsung® LED TVs on the rear and partition walls. Why wait until you arrive at your destination to get the party started?

For yourself

Most people don’t enjoy commutes or other, sometimes lengthy road trips – but you aren’t most people. Relax in private with your custom Mercedes Sprinter’s motorized shades and partition, which will separate you from not only the outside world, but also your driver. Use a tablet already equipped with the Bespoke app to control the ambient mood lighting, watch a movie or the latest episode of your favorite TV show, or shine a light on a good book. By the time you arrive at your destination, you’ll be rested and relaxed.

Make your new New Year’s resolution come true by contacting Bespoke Coach at 1-8558260974, or emailing