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Seats are a big part of riding in style. In Bespoke’s custom Sprinter van, headrests, upholstery, and reclining ability establish a solid foundation of comfort, while perks such as individual heaters and massagers add a luxurious component.

What makes the seats in our custom Mercedes Sprinter van so comfortable? First of all, they are 23 inches wide, so your family, friends, and business associates will not be lacking for space. Second, they are custom-made, reflecting your individual color and material preferences. Whichever color scheme you opt for, you can rest assured that the seats in your custom Mercedes Sprinter will be a joy to sit in, as both the headrests and the body of the seat itself are upholstered in plush, premium-brand Italian leather. Inspired by the seats in the world’s finest private aircrafts, these captain’s chairs come with six-way seat movement and motorized leg lift – as well as the aforementioned individualized heaters and massagers to ensure travelers’ personal comfort, however long the trip.


Intercom - Custom Interior Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Conversion & Luxury Mobile Offices.
At times, you’ll want your Bespoke Sprinter to be more than just a way to get from A to B in style. If you’re looking for a luxury mobile office that includes all the amenities and attributes you’d enjoy back at headquarters, look no further than Bespoke Coach. Each custom-made seat comes complete with its own motorized, aircraft aluminum table that features a leather-padded insert for extra comfort. This table is the perfect place to rest a laptop or tablet, go through a contract, read over a report, or whatever else you need to do business.

Of course, Bespoke’s personal side tables can also facilitate relaxation. Use your table to hold a book, a snack, or even a drink from the built-in bar that houses six tumblers and three bottles – and invite friends and family to do the same.

Tables and seats are an important component of a Sprinter van conversion, and Bespoke does not compromise when it comes to comfort, quality of design, and attention to detail. Contact Bespoke Coach at 1-800-470-8888 or to start building your own custom Sprinter van today.

Posted on February 9, 2016 in MasterUpfitter, Mercedes-Benz, seats, sprinter van conversions

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